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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Independent Readings

Today I am taking all my classes to the library to check out books for independent reading.  Some students (and parents, I assume) are asking why this is even necessary.  If I was in high school, I might ask myself the same thing so let me take a little time here to explain my take on why this reading is necessary and important.  The more students read, the more their brains have to work.  They learn new words while they read, even if they wouldn't agree with this.  They also pick up writing types when reading different types of works.  These are all academic reasons behind theimportance of independent reading.  Personally, while those are all great reasons, the number one reason for me isn't entirely academic.  Reading engages people and helps students (and adults) come out of their shells and make them more comfortable talking with other people.  If someone has something in common with another person (reading the same book), they are much more willing to talk to new people.  Sometimes it just takes that one topic to really get someone talking, and if that is accomplished through a book, I am all for it.  So when students come home and complain about just another reading they have to complete, tell them we as a school are trying to get them engaged in something that will carry with them throughout their school years and into adulthood.

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